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For more than three decades, Wheatland Title Company has been the preferred title service provider for right-of-way professionals throughout the State of Illinois.

Wheatland Title Company’s right of way experience is unmatched.  We employ over thirty title searchers with extensive land acquisition research experience. Further, our examining and legal team has extensive experience with a multitude of right-of-way projects.

We’re equipped to help you with all of your right-of-way projects including:

     •  Utilities

     •  Transportation

     •  Land Acquisition and Development

     •  Telecommunications

     •  Government Contract Work

Because your right-of-way title work is always searched, examined and delivered by our own employees, Wheatland Title Company can guarantee that your precise and comprehensive results will be delivered as quickly as possible.


No matter where your property is located in Illinois, Wheatland Title Company delivers swift and accurate residential title services. We will ensure that the property records are searched thoroughly and the transaction is closed efficiently and professionally.  


Wheatland offers title insurance to lenders and owners. While a loan policy protects the lender’s interest in the property, only an owner's title insurance policy protects you as the homeowner. The owner’s title insurance policy has a one-time fee, and protects the homebuyer for as long as they own their home so that you can have the peace of mind that you deserve.


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Title Search Services

Wheatland Title Company is your best source for any type of title search throughout Illinois. 

Our experienced professionals promise to deliver a clear, thorough search report examined by our underwriting staff and prepared in an easy-to-follow format customizable to your needs.


In addition to our clear and concise title search report, we’ll provide the supporting documents so that you can make an independent underwriting decision.


Wheatland Title Company knows time is important on any project or transaction.  Therefore, we do whatever is necessary to ensure our title searches are done as quickly as possible and with the accuracy and detail you expect. When it comes to title searches, our knowledge and resources make us the partner that you need.


Commercial / Agriculture

When it comes to commercial or agricultural real estate, Wheatland Title Company knows how vital each step in the transaction can be and how accuracy is the driving component.

If a valuable piece of property is being purchased in Illinois, sellers, buyers and lenders will want Wheatland Title Company’s experienced team of professionals working on the transaction. Wheatland Title Company has a strong team of experienced searchers, examiners and attorneys to serve as your go-to source for any commercial transaction.

Construction Escrow Services

Whether it is a new home or a multi-million dollar commercial project, Wheatland Title Company is prepared to handle all construction escrow needs. 

Situations arise in every project; Wheatland’s construction team will help you find the right solution to guide the project to completion.  Building contractors appreciate our simple, efficient approach to the draw disbursement process because it lets them get back to doing what they do best.  No matter the size of the build, our experienced underwriters and escrow officers tailor our services to meet the needs of your specific project.  We take ownership of each construction escrow and work with lenders, owners, and general contractors to make sure they receive the personalized service they deserve.  With the backing of the nation’s largest title underwriters, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your construction project is insured by Wheatland Title Company.


Wheatland Title Company is the experience you need when it comes to closings anywhere in Illinois.

We help facilitate all aspects of a closing in all 102 Illinois counties. You will benefit from having a responsive and experienced Wheatland Title Company team member involved from start to finish. Our flexible closing team will help ensure your closing happens when and where it’s most convenient for all involved.


When it comes to real estate closings, Wheatland Title Company works with you throughout the entire process to ensure you have peace of mind in your transaction.


Attorney Agent Program

Wheatland Title Company’s Attorney Agent Program is rooted in developing lasting relationships with all of our attorney customers. 

You, as the attorney, determine the insurability of title, while Wheatland will provide expert advice and resources throughout the examination process to ensure the smoothest transaction possible.  Our simple title search review process allows attorneys to focus on the legal matters of real estate closings.  There is no fee to join, and attorneys benefit from Wheatland Title Company’s group of underwriters, including Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Chicago Title Insurance Company, and First American Title Insurance Company.  We own every closing we handle, so you will have peace of mind that each closing is conducted efficiently and professionally, throughout Illinois.